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Dichroic glass

Dichroic glass is a glass containing micro-layers of metal oxides which give the glass thus treated particular optical properties and an iridescent appearance, exploited for artistic and high-tech purposes.

The modern production of dichroic or two-coloured glass is obtained through a multilayer coating process. Quartz crystals and oxides of different metals such as titanium, chromium, aluminum, zirconium, magnesium are vaporised with an electronic beam in a vacuum chamber, where they end up condensing on a crystalline surface. This material is then generally hot worked, and can be used in the raw form.

The main characteristic of dichroic glass is the color of the reflected light which is iridescent, this is because the color of the transmitted light is different from that obtained by reflection.

La Fondazione snc creates certified Murano glass jewels and dichroic glass to give unique colours and brightness to its jewels.

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